I open my eyes and I’m close enough to kiss a dead girl.

Three years ago, sixteen year old Desmond Linc almost died in the car accident that killed his brother. Now he's all but forgotten the damage, a dead space in his brain physicians swore would never awaken.
But it has.
Terrified he's losing his mind, Des comes face to face with the tortured ghosts of Northwood. The black hole in his head is a doorway to the afterlife and the dead come telling secrets and lies and wielding accusations like     scythes. 
They tell the truth about one thing though, a killer has come to Northwood.

On the last morning before the world comes undone, I don't tell anyone I love them. I'm not kinder or more helpful. I don't take out the trash or hug my sister. Nope, not me. I sit in my room and play something on my laptop. I'd like to say it's chess or some other game that enhances brain power, but I'd be lying. I think I hear my brain cells screaming for sustenance as I navigate a landscape filled with zombies, half-naked girls, and so much profanity Mom would pop an aneurism and I've already logged more hours than I bother to count- too many hours- but what do I care at seven in the morning on a school day? I don't have a first-period class, and Claire doesn't need to leave until eight. On the morning before the world comes undone, I play video games and eat a Pop-Tart.

​​​​Writing as J.A. St. Thomas