On the last morning before the world comes undone, I don't tell anyone I love them. I'm not kinder or more helpful. I don't take out the trash or hug my sister. Nope, not me. I sit in my room and play something on my laptop. I'd like to say it's chess or some other game that enhances brain power, but I'd be lying. I think I hear my brain cells screaming for sustenance as I navigate a landscape filled with zombies, half-naked girls, and so much profanity Mom would pop an aneurism and I've already logged more hours than I bother to count- too many hours- but what do I care at seven in the morning on a school day? I don't have a first-period class, and Claire doesn't need to leave until eight. On the morning before the world comes undone, I play video games and eat a Pop-Tart.

​​​​Writing as J.A. St. Thomas