Read It In One Day-Couldn't Put It Down

The only thing that disappointed me about I AM FORGOTTEN by J.A. St. Thomas was getting to the end of the story; I wanted book number two to e waiting. A great story for adults or teens; the story of a shy young man's struggle to survive after a pandemic. It is a history of what he endured and how he grew -  not just for himself, but for his family and for friends who would become his family. The story addresses what you will do and what you will overcome for the love of another; a story about confronting all the strengths and weaknesses that make us human and learning that we can be more than the sum of the pieces of who we are. Mostly, it is a tale about Faith: Faith in oneself; Faith that you don't have to have all the answers to take action; Faith that one person can make a difference; and Faith that when one person faces Evil and says "This shall not be" that they can change the world. Strong characters, fast paced action and a plending of reality and fantasy that was superbly handled. Like I said in the title of this review: I started the book one morning and kept reading between tasks during the day and stayed up till midnight to complete. Great read. Well done Ms. St. Thomas and please produce book number two... Soon!!! ~Jesse D. Self

A Wild Ride!

The synopsis of this book does not convey the strange world you will find yourself in. The author starts with a zombie setting full of the elements we've all come to love. This, though, is truly just the setting. From there, the reader finds themselves on a ride that twists and turns in startling and unexpected directions that riff through at least three genres. This is a quick read, primarily because of it's page turning nature. I really can't recommend it highly enough. ~Jeffrey Carey

​​​​Writing as J.A. St. Thomas

Fast Paced

Fast paced, and it fits a lot of cool stuff in there. While the intro would have me thinking Zombies, I am not sure this is a zombie book as much as a fast paced ride through a  world that is not quite what we think. I enjoyed the surprises, and was not even aware many of them were being set up as they were happening. Thanks J.A. St. Thomas. ~ Patrick M. Green